Buying a Home in the Ottawa Area

You can save a lot of time and hassle by working with a professional real estate agent. You don't pay any more, and in fact you usually save money because a professional real estate agent knows the fair market price and can negotiate effectively with the seller.

Helping You Find the Right Home at the Right Price Given Today's Market Conditions:

  •  Helping You Find the Right Home at the Right PriceRight Home: Making available to you every home in the market place today that will suit your family needs or lifestyle.

  •  Right Price: Negotiate on your behalf the Best Price and Terms.

  •  Locations: Ensure that the home you're buying has no adverse site influences that will affect the     value of your home.

  •  Neighbourhoods: Identify the Best Neighbourhoods.

  •  Amenities:Location of Schools, Churches, Recreation Facilities and Shopping.

  •  Builders: Construction: Advise on Builders Reputations and Track Record

  •  Transportation: Availability of Busing, Train, Air and Auto Routes

  •  Financing: Arranging for the Best Mortgage Interest Rates and Terms.

  •  Agreement of Purchase & Sale: Creating an Agreement of Purchase and Sale that will protect         your interests during and after the sale and executing all subsequent related documents.

  •  Building Inspection: Advise & recommend reputable home inspectors.

  •  Septic Inspection: Advise & recommend reputable engineers and septic inspectors.

  •  Well Pump & Pressure System Inspections:Advise and recommend reputable water system      companies.

  •  Water Tests: Ensure Safe Drinking Water.

  •  Seller Property Information Statement: Why necessary and identifying Patent and Latent         Defects.

  •  Legal: Recommend Reputable Lawyers and advise on their role & job description.

  •  Title Insurance: Why Necessary and Who are the Providers.

  •  House Insurance: Some homes are uninsurable, resulting in your Mortgage Lender not advancing the monies on closing. Identify potential construction, location and environmental problems and protect you from future liabilities.

  •  Mortgage Insurance:Three Types: Life, Job Loss and Mortgage. Make recommendations on what would suit your lifestyle the best and which ones are necessary.

  •  Costs: Advise on all costs that you will incur through the buying process including inspection costs, mortgage insurance costs, closing costs, lawyers costs etc.

  •  Government Programs: Advise on Government Programs and Incentives.

  •  Possession Day: What to Expect and when do you get the keys.

  •  Moving Day: Advise on how to arrange your moving day so as to limit and reduce moving expenses.

For a Free Consultation on how I can Help You Find a New Home:

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