Welcome to Ottawa Valley in Eastern Ontario

The Ottawa Valley is made up of many small towns and villages with Ottawa being the major City and Capital of Canada.


Almonte is in  Lanark County  in the heart of "The Upper Ottawa Valley", a loosely-defined region encompassing rural areas to the west of Ottawa, roughly following the course of the Ottawa River. The town of Almonte was known throughout the Upper Ottawa Valley as the “woollen town.” It straddles the banks of Canada's Mississippi River, which flows east until it empties into the Ottawa River. The Mississippi River drops 65 feet as it passes through Almonte in a series of dramatic waterfalls and rapids; this powerful torrent was what first attracted millers and other industrialists to the area early in the 19th century.


   Almonte is as also the birthplace of both Dr. Robert Tait McKenzie, world-renowned surgeon, sculptor and pioneer in rehabilitative medicine and Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of the game of basketball.



The Town of Mississippi Mills was formed in 1998, comprising of the Townships of Pakenham, Ramsay and the Town of Almonte. Like the Mississippi River, a strong current of community runs through the town, villages ( Pakenham, Clayton), hamlets (Appleton, Blakeney) and rural areas of the Town of Mississippi Mills.  The people are friendly, interesting and unique, with a down-to-earth sense of hospitality. Some folks even have their likeness captured in window art or in a puppet on display in their shops.


Quality of life is what attracts people to live in Mississippi Mills. Establish yourself and your family in a small town or village, or opt for rolling farmland in truly natural areas. The choice is yours. Leave urban stress behind and live. Many of those who work in the neighborinMississippi River,Ontariog City of Ottawa make their homes here for this reason. It is just a 20-minute drive to high-tech Kanata or 35 minutes to downtown Ottawa.


Situated in the heart of beautiful Lanark County, on the banks of the scenic Mississippi River, Carleton Place has a special quality: perfectly blending the old with the new!

Conveniently located just outside the City of Ottawa, the Town offers a healthy, happy mix of small town living and the convenience of the city. You can take advantage of sightseeing, fishing and recreational activities, as well as enjoy a rich history of arts and culture.

The history buff will find Carleton Place a true delight. A visit to the majestic Town Hall, the Victoria School Museum and the authentic Victoria Garden is a must! Walking tours have been mapped out for those wishing to take a walk back in time. The downtown also boasts a spectacular streetscape, keeping with the original historic architecture. Carleton Place is a place to shop in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.Now accessed via the new 4-lane Highway 7. Easy commute to the city of Ottawa.

The Township of Lanark Highlands makes up the northwest corner of Lanark County and covers 1064.72 square kilometres, easily making it the largest (by area) of the eight municipalities that make up the County. The municipality is bordered to the north by Renfrew County and to the west by Frontenac County.

Lanark Highlands is a new municipality created in 1998 by the amalgamation of the Village of Lanark, Township of Lanark, Township of Darling and the Townships of Lavant, Dalhousie and North Sherbrooke.

According to the 1996 Census, the population of Lanark Highlands is 4,629. The main settlement is the Village of Lanark, followed by the numerous scenic hamlets such as Middleville, Hopetown, Poland, Lavant, Flower Station and McDonalds Corners.

The municipality is easily accessible by the county road system. County Road 511, which connects Perth to the nearby town of Calabogie, bisects the municipality, and links up with County Roads 9, 8, 16, and 12.

Lanark Highlands is dotted with several dozen lakes, of which Dalhousie, Patterson, Stump, Flower Round and Clyde are the most notable. The Mississippi and Clyde Rivers cross the municipality and meet up with several other rivers, streams and brooks. As its name suggests, Lanark Highlands also offers the picturesque vistas of rolling hills and Canadian shield topography, combining with the abundant water bodies to form prime cottage country.